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Are You Ready to Serve the Growing Electric Vehicle Market?

Submitted by Viking Electric

With increases in electric vehicle (EV) sales and charging infrastructure, EVs are transforming the transportation experience as we know it. Advancements in mobility and charging solutions have commercial businesses, multi-family properties, municipalities, business owners, and residential customers alike looking for ways to meet the growing needs of the EV charging community. 

With barriers to entry removed and the growing possibilities for EVs and eCharging, the question is no longer: “How can we afford to do this?" The question is now: "How can we afford NOT to?" 

Whether you’re interested in adding electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) charging options to your customers’ parking lots, businesses, commercial buildings, or residences; Viking Electric can help you determine the perfect EV charging solution. 

As a leading electrical distributor, we have access to industry-leading suppliers and vendors in this sector, along with a team of educated experts experienced in assessing and integrating large- and small-scale EVSE projects. 

Our eMobility team will provide strong technical knowledge, competitive pricing, and product support to ensure your project's success. We follow industry best practices and stay current with the evolving EVSE landscape so you don't have to. Our team will ensure your EV charging projects are ready today and that your EV infrastructure is prepared for tomorrow. 

Our comprehensive EVSE offerings include, but are not limited to:
EV Charging Stations
Packaged Charging Solutions
Project Review
Site Assessments and Validation
Cost of Ownership Evaluations
Product Warehousing, Staging, and Delivery
Switchgear Upgrades/Strategies
Project Commissioning
EVSE Product Training
Utility Rebate Assistance
Government Grant Assistance

Ensure that your EVSE project is completed on time, on budget, and that you have leveraged all available rebates. 

Enjoy the piece-of-mind that comes with knowing your customers’ hardware is ready today, with the software you’ll need to install tomorrow, and that you won’t exceed the capacity of their electrical infrastructure. 
Whether your customers are looking to power an EV fleet or take advantage of an EV charging station revenue stream, partner with Viking Electric to get the job done right. 

For more information about our EVSE offerings, contact Viking Electric’s eMobility experts via email below: 

[email protected]