Out-of-the-Ordinary Hires

Submitted by Michelle Dreier, Member Engagement/Gov't Affairs Manager

Hiring and training new talent is expensive.  The workforce shortage leaves employers looking in unlikely places to find their next worker. Below are a variety of programs available that might provide some financial benefit to hiring someone from a population that has higher than normal unemployment rates.


GI Bill

Looking for hiring an apprentice with lasting power? Hire a veteran! How can your business attract this talent? It may seem difficult if you don't have an office near a military installation. But it doesn't need to be difficult. Many organizations such as MilitaryHire (militaryhire.com) specialize in helping veterans find jobs and helping companies hire veterans. They make it easy to reach a large population of transitioning veterans with your job openings and offer you access to veteran resumes so you can find top talent for your organization.

Did you know that the Electrical Association’s curriculum when incorporated into a registered apprenticeship program is certified by the VA for purposes of receiving GI Benefits? This means rent credit and dollars to your new employee. Veterans can start the application process here https://gibill.mn.gov

Work Entry Program (WEP) Certification

Hennepin County projects require a number of hours on the job to be completed by WEP graduates (Workforce Entry Program). The Electrical Association partners with some of these certified programs to provide you talent. Dunwoody, Summit Academy OIC, and GAP School are on the list of qualified institutions. If you work on these projects, consider hiring graduates from these institutions.


Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Is your prospective worker any of the following?
  • Short-term or long-term welfare (MFIP) recipient
  • SNAP (food stamp) recipient
  • Veteran (SNAP; Disability; Unemployed)
  • Ex-Felon
  • Designated Community Recipient (https://bit.ly/3P4MBGL)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Referral
  • Supplemental Security Income recipient
  • Long-Term Unemployment Recipient (27 consecutive weeks of unemployment with at least 1 week of paid UI benefits)

If so, your new hire may qualify you for tax savings from $2400 to $9600. Most tax savings are around $2400, but Veterans meeting certain criteria might yield a larger savings. Forms IR 8850 and ETA 9061 must be completed at time of hire and submitted within 28 days of the first day of employment.

New employees must work at least 400 hours to receive the full benefit. If they work at least 120 hours, employers may be eligible for a partial refund. Learn more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) at https://bit.ly/44knYKn


A little concerned about offering a position because of someone’s criminal background?  There is a program that allows you to bond an individual for 6 months to protect yourself.  Fidelity bonding covers any type of stealing including theft, forgery, larceny, and embezzlement up to $5000 free of charge to the employer. Bonding does not cover liability due to faulty workmanship, job injuries, and work accidents.  

If you are hiring someone with
  • Record of arrest, conviction, or imprisonment
  • Lack of work history
  • History of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Poor credit history
  • Welfare recipient
  • Dishonorable discharge
A simple call to the MN Federal Bonding Coordinator could protect you for up to $5000 for the first six months of employment.  651-259-7521 or 1-888-234-5521. Learn more about the Federal Bonding Program: https://bit.ly/3qMDCjZ

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