Quiz on the Code

2023 NEC Changes

1. Article 250.6(A) states “The grounding and ____ of electrical systems, circuit conductors, surge arresters, surge-protective devices, and conductive normally non-current-carrying metal parts of equipment shall be installed and arranged in a manner that will prevent objectionable current.” What word was added because these connections can also create objectional currents?

(a) cross connections
(b) bonding
(c) terminations
(d) None of the above.

2. In preparing circuit directories for panelboards, switchgear, and switchboards, an additional requirement now makes it necessary that _____.
(a) circuit descriptions shall not depend on transient conditions of occupancy
(b) spare positions where OCPD’s are installed but not used must be marked
(c) marking must include an explanation of abbreviations and symbols
(d) All of the above.

3. Article 424.66 in the 2020 NEC required “duct heaters shall be located with respect to building construction and other equipment so as to permit access to the heater and the heater control.” What clarification was added in the 2023 NEC?
(a)  Working space shall be maintained IAW 110.26(A)(4)
(b)  “This clearance does not apply to required disconnecting means”
(c)  “The AHJ may grant special permission for unusual equipment positioning”
(d)  All of the above.

4. Bonding conductors installed outside of a sign or raceway shall be protected from physical damage. What change was made to the size of a bonding conductor in this article?
(a) Sizing must comply with Article 250.122.
(b) Copper bonding conductors shall not be smaller than 14 AWG.
(c) Bonding conductor must be of one identified in Art 250.118.
(d) Bonding conductors of copper-clad aluminum cannot be smaller than 12 AWG.



1. (b) Article 250.6(A)

2. (c) Article 408.4(A)(6)

3. (a) Article 424.66

4. (d) Article 600.7(2)