Lighting Advances That Create a Smarter Office

Submitted by Xcel Energy

A lot of attention in the business lighting arena is currently focused on smart lighting and control systems. According to a report from yahoo! finance, the U.S, smart lighting/controls market is projected to reach $153.7 billion by 2030, growing at a rate of 17.5% from 2022-2030. However, there are several other new, inventive ways businesses are turning on to new lighting concepts, or in some cases rediscovering the value of old ideas:

  • Controllable, colorful LED light strips: LED strips enhance office aesthetics with more color, while also adding more ambient lighting. They provide a flexible enhancement to an office environment and can include smart connectivity with controls through a smartphone.
  • Human-centric lighting: Truly a futuristic concept, human-centric lighting creates lighting that imitates natural daylight and enhances human performance, improving comfort, and overall health. Human-centric lighting is aimed at enhancing vision, and it also can improve attentiveness, hormones, lethargy, and the circadian rhythm. An example of human-centric lighting is a cyan-enhanced spectrum, which can suppress melatonin and increase productivity.
  • Supply home workers with ring lights: With so many more employees working remotely, the popularity of video conferencing has skyrocketed. Ring lights provide even, diffused light throughout the room and on the employee. Ring lights eliminate dark corners and background shadows, and the soft, even flow of the lighting is more flattering for the employee on camera. In addition, ring lights emit no heat, which aids in the comfort of employees working remotely.
  • Maximize natural lighting: Natural lighting is not a new-age concept. However, thinking of windows as a free light source and placing desks and chairs to take advantage of natural lighting will reduce energy consumption. Ensuring well-maintained, energy-efficient windows will also help to contain cooling and heat inside your office.


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