Quiz on the Code

Article 110


1. Which one of these pieces of electrical equipment do not need a marking that warns qualified persons of potential electric arc flash hazards?
(a) motor control centers
(b) enclosed panelboards
(c) meter socket enclosures
(d) All of the above requires such a marking.

2. Which marking item below is required to be applied on all electrical equipment where others may be specified elsewhere in the code?
(a) manufacturer’s name
(b) voltage
(c) listing 
(d) rating

3. Connection by means of wire-binding screws or studs and nuts that have upturned lugs or the equivalent shall be permitted for ______ AWG or smaller conductors.
(a) 8
(b) 10
(c) 12
(d) 14

4. Termination provisions of equipment for circuits rated over 100 amperes, or marked for conductors larger than 1 AWG, must be used only for conductors rated _____C.
(a) 90°
(b) 75°
(c) 60°
(d) None of the above.

5. Servicing and maintenance of equipment and shall comply with the following: The servicing and electrical preventive maintenance must be performed using identified parts ______.
(a) that are verified under applicable product standards.
(b) that are certified
(c) that are OEM only
(d) that are listed

6. Access or egress is impeded if one or more simultaneously opened equipment doors restrict working space access to be less than ___ in. wide and ____ ft high.
(a) 24, 7
(b) 30, 7
(c) 24, 6½
(d) 30, 6½


1. (d) 110.16(A)

2. (a) 110.21(A)(1)

3. (b) 110.14(A)

4. (b) 110.14(C)(1)(b)(1)

5. (a) 110.17(2)

6. (c) 110.26