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Is Jobsite Productivity Hurting Project Profitability?

Submitted by Graybar

The Graybar Minneapolis Customer Solution Center has been expanded to focus on labor saving solutions for our customers in the Twin Cities area.

In recent years, storing bulk materials on jobsites has become a growing issue for contractors. Our customers report several ongoing issues, including lack of available space, inefficiencies in material handling and safety concerns. Our ability to stage and store materials for large projects and integrate our service solutions into these projects can help.   

We have seen an increase in customer requests for services such as fixture carts, job carts, kitting services, and Graybar SmartReels. These services can help our customers manage materials in multiple ways. Fixture carts deliver unpackaged fixtures directly from Graybar to the point of installation, saving time and money and cutting down waste on any jobsite. Meanwhile, job carts can be mobilized with or without Graybar vendor management to stay stocked with the parts needed for each phase of a project. Job carts are available in a variety of styles to accommodate any type of materials. 
Finally, Graybar SmartReels offer a portable payout system that makes it simple and safe for one person to move reels weighing up to 5,000 pounds – without the use of a forklift or pallet jack.  

Graybar also now offers the capability to cut strut to specific lengths. We are stocking 1’, 2’ and 3’ pre-cut pieces of 14ga 1-5/8” slotted strut and can do custom cuts upon request for several types of strut. Our shearing process eliminates metal shavings and produces clean, burr-free cuts. Customers will see true labor savings by eliminating the need to cut their own strut in their shop or on the jobsite. Not only can this service improve jobsite productivity, but it can also reduce safety concerns by eliminating the need to cut, file down burrs and clean up shavings.    

To learn more about our services or take a tour, please contact your local Graybar sales representative.