When Should Your Customers Consider Lighting Upgrades?

Submitted by Xcel Energy

While many businesses have already upgraded to LED lighting to capitalize on the enhanced energy efficiency and long-term savings, it is important to remind business managers of the signs of when to seek new and improved lighting equipment.

  • Rising expenses are putting the squeeze on the bottom line. A company’s utility bills are often among the more glaring cost factors. Even if the business has upgraded its lighting, HVAC, or other equipment within the past decade, it could not hurt to get an assessment to see what new efficiencies might help cut energy expenses.
  • Is the company keeping up with technology advances? Technology is changing at a turbocharged pace. Innovations in lighting controls, motion-detection sensors, and other creative solutions could help improve a business’s bottom line and enhance the aesthetic environment for employees and customers.
  • Is all the lighting up to date? Some business will piecemeal their lighting upgrades, replacing specific fixtures, bulbs, tubes, and ballasts only as needed. Your customers should streamline all their lighting equipment – interior and exterior – which will not only improve the look of the office, but it will save money on maintenance costs.
  • There are still some fluorescent stragglers out there. For more than a decade, business leaders have been told LEDs are far more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting. Alas, there are some old school business managers who have not read the memo.
  • Are your customers hoarding their paperwork? Some businesses have completed their lighting upgrades, but they have not submitted the paperwork needed to take advantage of rebates offered by energy companies. Many of these rebates have paperwork time limits, so make sure your customers do not miss out on rebate opportunities.
  • Office space demands have transformed. Over the past couple of years, the shift to remote workers, and then back again to either full-time or hybrid (a combo of in-office/remote) work locations has significantly impacted the business world. Many companies have downsized their physical presence to account for this transformation. This has created an opportunity for you to properly equip new office locations with the latest, most energy-efficient lighting.


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