Veterans for Hire & Upcoming Career Fairs

By Michelle Dreier, Director of Member Engagement & Government Affairs

Did you know that the Electrical Association is out in the field recruiting for your next electrical apprentice? This recruitment is performed at high schools, technical schools, and community-based organizations around the state. Part of this recruitment is focused on veterans. I wanted to take a moment on why hiring a veteran might be in your best interest. And why would a veteran want to work for you? Electrical Association’s apprenticeship training is approved for GI Bill use. This translates to tuition reimbursement and thousands of dollars in rent credit for your new recruit. You win, they win, read on about the why.

Below are just some of the reasons why you want to hire a veteran (

  1. Technical Proficiency: Many veterans possess specialized technical skills acquired during their service. Whether it’s operating complex machinery, handling advanced technology, or maintaining equipment, their expertise can enhance productivity. 
  2. High Levels of Trust: Trust is a crucial factor in high-performing teams. Military service instills integrity, and veterans carry this trustworthiness into their civilian work environments. Their ability to build trust not only benefits co-workers and managers but also contributes to a positive organizational culture.
  3. Skill Transferability: Military personnel learn to adapt and transfer their skills across different contexts and tasks. When plans change unexpectedly, veterans can reorient their abilities to handle evolving situations. This flexibility and resourcefulness make them valuable contributors in various roles.
  4. Strong Work Ethic: Veterans understand the value of hard work and appreciate the satisfaction of a job well done. Their commitment to putting in the effort, even in challenging circumstances, makes them reliable and dedicated employees.
  5. Goal-Driven: Military personnel undergo consistent goal-setting and assessment cycles. This goal-oriented mindset translates into focused and results-driven work, benefiting employers who seek motivated individuals.
  6. Leadership Skills: Veterans often have experience leading teams and making critical decisions. Their leadership abilities, honed in the military, can positively impact organizational success.
  7. Discipline and Adaptability: Military training instills discipline, adaptability, and resilience. Veterans can handle stress, follow procedures, and adjust to changing environments, which are essential qualities in any workplace.
  8. Teamwork and Camaraderie: Military service emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and camaraderie. Veterans understand the value of working together toward a common goal, contributing positively to team dynamics.
  9. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Veterans often exhibit entrepreneurial qualities, such as self-efficacy, a need for achievement, and the ability to make sound decisions under pressure. These attributes translate well into the business world, making veterans valuable assets in any organization.

In summary, hiring veterans not only honors their service but also brings unique strengths and qualities to organizations. Employers who recognize these benefits can create a more inclusive and effective workforce. Read the full article by


18th Annual Veterans Career Fair 
May 1 (2pm-6pm)

Location: Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center (6155 Earle Brown Drive, Brooklyn Center)
For veterans, reservists and National Guard. Open to the public.
For more information and to register your company for a booth, click here


1st Annual Operation Career Launch: Job & Resource Fair 
June 18 (11am-2pm)

Location: Camp Ripley (15000 MN-115, Little Falls, MN 56345)
For veterans, reservists and National Guard. Open to the public.
State ID required to enter property.
For more information and to register your company for a booth, click here. Registration is free.


We have several other upcoming CAREER FAIRS. Perhaps you want to grab a table and participate! Or if you are too busy, check out our RESUME CENTER for veteran talent.