ElectroTech representing Spike Electric Controls—From custom MCC replacement buckets for vintage and obsolete motor control centers to 4DX Stainless Steel Panel Boards & Disconnects. Solutions for all major electrical manufacturers. (800) 544-4288 • www.electroctech-inc.com  (Mar 2021)

Encore Wire Corporations Introduces 7 New Products!
Type NM-B PLUS, Copper Conductor  •   Flexcore THW-2 / MTW / AWM / TEW, Copper Conductor Superslick Elite, 600V  •   Type TC-ER SE-R Hybrid Cable THHN/THWN-2 Inners  •   Type TC-ER SE-R Hybrid Cable THHN/THWN-2 Inners  •   Type MC, Vertical Run, Copper Conductor, Aluminum Armor, 600V THHN/THWN-2 Inners  •   Type MC - Vertical Run, Steel Conductor, 600V  THHN/THWN-2 Inners  •   MC-LED Ultra Multi-Signal (2-3) Lighting Cable, Copper Conductor THHN/THWN-2 Inners.   www.AJBSales.com • (612) 378-1468  (Mar 2021)

Leviton Decora Smart House—Smart Home Switches, Dimmers and Outlets
Control lights from anywhere using the “My Leviton” App; no hub required. Schedule lights to turn ON/OFF or DIM at user selected times. Voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant. Easily group smart devices into rooms and create scenes to activate multiple lights at once. Plug-ins provide a wireless option to control lamps, small appliances, holiday lighting and more. Download the flyer (pdf)www.AJBSales.com • (612) 378-1468  (Dec 2020)

COVID-KILLER. Install bi-polar ionization air purification in your customer’s existing HVAC system for a virus-safe environment. Easy to install. More effective than HEPA filters. Ozone free. Continues removing pathogens after Covid-19 is gone. The Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System from Global Plasma Solutions is installed in over 250,000 schools, hospitals, sporting arenas, hotels offices, and government buildings including the White House. Available now!  www.atekdistribution.com • (612) 454-0042  (Dec 2020)

C+M LIGHTING - NEW Mister SAM + ZEP™ Sanitizing Solution
Mister SAM (Sanitizing Aerating Mister) requires NO compressed air attachments. Lightweight and easy to use and has an effective range of 25 feet and can disinfect 1,000 sf in only 10 minutes. Just plug it in and disinfect after the day is done or before people arrive. Recommended sanitizing liquid is FS Amine Z by Zep™ – an all surface disinfectant that can be used for microbial control on ceilings, floors, walls, and kitchen applications Rouzer.com/cm-lighting • (952) 737-6320  (Nov 2020)

If you think pulling cable is about as painful as pulling teeth, we’ve got something that will put a smile on your face. MC Glide™ is the new, completely redesigned cable that makes pulling cable a breeze. It slides through metal studs and ceilings easily for faster, quieter pulls. Reduce time spent on a job, labor costs & the stress on your back. Get MC Glide™ and glide through the path of least resistance. Rouzer.com/afc • (952) 737-6320 (Nov 2020)

Protect commercial and industrial facilities with PanelGuard from Intermatic. Commercial/Industrial-Grade Surge Protection for your facility’s service entrance or load side. Intermatic PanelGuard Surge Protective Devices are designed to react quickly to eliminate surges providing optimal protection to downstream equipment. PanelGuard Commercial/Industrial-Grade Series are Parallel Connected Surge Protective Devices designed to protect all types of loads fed from individual disconnects, sub-panels, distribution panels and service entrance locations. Choose PanelGuard on new construction and retrofit projects for reliable surge protection from a brand you can trust. Rouzer.com/intermatic • (952) 737-6320  (Nov 2020)

MaxLite LED Flat Panels – Wattage and CCT Selectable
A seamless replacement for 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' fluorescent fixtures, MaxLite’s next-generation LED Flat Panels are designed to lay in drop ceilings in offices, schools, and healthcare applications. The panels produce highly efficient, uniform illumination, and offer the versatility of field-selectable color temperatures and wattages to suit various application needs. The panels are fully dimmable, and may be combined with motion sensors for further energy savings. (763) 286-6200 • www.maxlite.com 
(Oct 2020)

PPE for Back-to-School!!
ATEK Distribution is a US-based company with operations experience in the USA, China, and Europe. Due to Covid-19, we decided to focus our global resources in an effort to remove borders and deliver fast and fair solutions to worldwide customers. Back-to-School essentials to maintain a safe & healthy school environment:
• Students, Staff & Faculty
• Healthcare Resources
• General Facility

View the full list of Back-to-School Essentials (PDF).
www.atekdistribution.com • (612) 454-0042  (Sept 2020)

Rouzer Bridgeport Fittings READY TO SHIP
American-Made and in stock EMT Zinc Connectors & Couplings, Straps & Hangers, Zinc Rain Tight Fittings, EZ Lock Products and more, from our factory in Stratford, CT. Meets all gov't specs for Zinc, Steel and Malleable Electrical Fittings. Trouble-Free Performance. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (Sept 2020)

High Performance 2.5" Aperture (HPX)
No matter how small or how large of a project, you can count on us to ship 99% of orders in 10-working days. Designed with contractors in mind, all of our products are optimized to ensure the easiest installation experience to save time and money. Explore the newest addition to our portfolio, the High Performance 2.5" Aperture (HPX) featuring a square micro profile, integral driver design, 10-day shipping, and a 10-yr performance based warranty. (www.finelite.com) (July 2020)

ATTENTION Contractors! Want Extra Money? Get Your Instant Xcel Energy Rebates!
How does it work? As an electrical contractor working with Xcel Energy commercial, electric customers, you can take advantage of our instant rebates simply by purchasing qualifying screw-in or pin-based LED lamps from one of our 60+ participating distributors and pass the savings on to your customers. Contact Beth Neiss at Beth.Neiss@clearesult.com for more information.  (July 2020)

Radians – NEW Retractable Tether Vest System
The combination of Radians new tether vests and retractable tethers give you everything you need to conveniently access and secure tools and accessories. This helps avoid tool drops, which can also be dangerous to others if you’re on scaffolding or ladders. Available for a variety items you need on the jobsite. Work Hard, Stay Safe. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

Robroy Industries: NEW Plasti-Bond PVC-Coated SpeedCouple
Plasti-Bond is pleased to introduce our newest PVC coated product that simplifies and improves installation in the most demanding environmental conditions – the PVC coated SpeedCouple. The PVC coated SpeedCouple improves job site efficiency and productivity by allowing the connection of conduit and elbows without having to turn the conduit. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

Harger – NEW Pole Bottom Grounding Plate
Harger’s pole bottom grounding plates are installed on the bottom of wood utility poles and bonded to the pole ground wire. The integral copper terminal lug will accept #14 solid through #4 stranded ground wires. Pole bottom grounding plates provide an efficient, secure and low resistance ground connection.Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

Harger – NEW Strut Channel Bonding Clamp
This new clamp utilizes a stainless-steel spring nut, silicon bronze hardware, and a tin-plated bronze cap that will accept #6 through 250MCM. Utilize Harger’s Strut Channel Bonding Clamp in applications where strut needs to be bonded to electrical equipment to ensure potential equalization. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

Radians – NEW Women’s PPE – Rainwear
Constructed from lightweight Ripstop waterproof polyester, the Radians RW12L is a ladies Type R, Class 3 general-purpose rain jacket. It features an adjustable hem with toggle, underarm venting with zipper, and conveniently folds into its hood or lower front pocket for packable portability. Great for wet and windy conditions, this lightweight jacket designed for women by women will help meet the increasing demand for PPE that fits women appropriately. Work Hard, Stay Safe. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

Greenlee – NEW G10 TUGGER 10,000 Lb. Cable Puller
The G10 TUGGER is Greenlee’s newest a state-of-the-art puller designed to improve pulling speeds up to 2x Faster than the pulling competition. The G10 features a two-speed custom designed motor that is capable of continuously pulling up to 8,000 lb. and a total pulling force up to 10,000 lb. The improved motor helps increase productivity by reducing downtime when performing a job, making the G10 TUGGER Hands Down Faster. Period. Rouzer.com • (952) 737-6320  (July 2020)

UPDATED for JUNE 2020! All the PPE You Need!!
ATEK Distribution is a US-based company with operations experience in the USA, China, and Europe. Due to challenges of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to focus our global resources in an effort to remove borders and deliver fast and fair solutions to worldwide customers. We specialize in the sourcing, trading, and distribution of premium medical supplies that come directly from factories.

View the full list of prices and products (PDF).
www.atekdistribution.com • (612) 454-0042  (June 2020)
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