Enroll in Training

You have two options: (1) enroll in a tech school; or (2) get hired by an electrical contractor and enter the apprenticeship program.

(1) Go to School!

Enroll in a Tech School. Call schools and ask them about their electrical program (view a list of schools):
•  When do classes start?
•  How long is the program?
•  When is the application deadline?
•  Is there a waitlist?
•  How much does is cost?
•  What are the requirements and expectations?

Completion of a MN DLI-approved electrician program will give you 2000 hours of training towards your Journeyworker license.

(2) Go to Work!

Get Hired by an Electrical Contractor & Enroll in Our Electrical Apprenticeship Program
After you've been hired by an electrical contractor, enroll in the Electrical Association's Apprenticeship Training. Minnesota does not require apprentice electricians to attend training, but this training can greatly increase an employee's skills that can immediately be used on the job as well as eventually used to pass the journeyworker licensing exam.

REQUIRED--Become Registered! Minnesota requires all apprentice electricians to register with the MN Department of Labor as a registered unlicensed electrician BEFORE performing any electrical work!  Learn more  If an apprentice is not registered, their hours worked are not counted towards the 8000 hours of experience required to sit for the journeyworker licensing exam.

REQUIRED--Fulfill Continuing Education! As a registered unlicensed electrician in Minnesota, you will need 2 hours of continuing education per year to maintain your license.  Class Schedule

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