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NEC Code Input - Make A Difference!

The Electrical Association values the hard work put in by the individuals who serve on Code Making panels. The work being done to enhance the way electrical work is done is keeping the industry safe and efficient.  Have you ever wanted to be a part of the process?  Did you know that NFPA takes public input? 

Here is how you can get involved:

  Submit an electronic public input directly to NFPA 

For a detailed description of the NFPA Code Development Process - Click Here 

NFPA New Edition - Updated Dates and Committee Information - Click Here 

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You can also apply to be on a technical committee for NFPA: Click Here

 The Electrical Association is here to help!  If you have any general questions on the code, please reach out to us! 

 We will put you in contact with our Director of Education or one of our qualified trainers  
 (612) 827-6117 • [email protected]