Pathways to Apprenticeship

Submitted by Michelle Dreier, Member Engagement/Gov't Affairs Manager

In March, we often see an uptick in Career Fair requests. Contractors are starting to prepare for the traditional increase in summer construction. Students are graduating. It is often a flurry of searching for candidates, interviewing and hiring.

The Electrical Association works with many schools and construction career education programs to bring our members talent. For years we have been sending out volunteer requests as these programs look to invite contractors to hiring events and career fairs or look for career mentors and/or companies looking to participate in mock interview events.

We will still send out occasional communications, but we have developed a landing page where members can see upcoming career events. This is in addition to our resume page where you can find graduates of our partner programs seeking electrical apprenticeships. We have done all this to make it easier for members to find prepared talent during a time of prolonged record low unemployment rates.

Partner programs include technical school construction electrician programs, YouthBuild, Summit Academy, Goodwill Easter Seal Construction program, AVIVO, Lake Street Works and various high school programs. Please use these resources the next time you are looking to hire.

Learn more about our career fair resources

MENTORS! We’re always looking for mentors to help spread about the word about what a great place the electrical industry is to work. Are you mentoring a program in your community? Let us know! ([email protected])

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