Giving Back

Submitted by Michelle Dreier, Member Engagement/Gov't Affairs Manager

One of the things that I love about the electrical industry is the way the industry is structured on giving back.  

An apprentice learns from a licensed electrician and often before they reach licensure themselves, that third-year apprentice is showing the new guy how it is done. Apprenticeship is a phenomenal way to learn a trade, and done correctly, it creates leaders.

EA's Resume Page

There is another way I would like you as a member to consider giving back. We consistently hear from our members that Workforce is a big pain point. I work with various community-based organizations and high schools to develop interest in being an electrician. Please visit our resume page when you are looking to hire your next entry-level apprentice:

Career Fairs

In the last newsletter we introduced our new Career Fair page. This past week I had a conversation with Mark Carrier, CFO of Summit Academy OIC who really would like to see more contractors participating in mock interviews with their students. These participants attend classes including construction math and introductory electrical skills for 20 weeks.  Every 10 weeks there is an opportunity to participate in mock interviews. 

I interviewed 5 excellent candidates myself last week. Their resumes can be found on our resume page

Many of these participants are only receiving two practice interviews due to lack of contractor volunteers. It takes a morning of your time, but it provides real-time feedback to these job seekers and you may just find your next hire.

The next opportunity for Summit Academy will be in June.  Please consider volunteering in this event or one of our many other opportunities listed on our Career page.

If you are volunteering at an event near you, also consider ordering our career brochures or helicopter kits. Let us know how you are giving back in your community.

MENTORS! We’re always looking for mentors to help spread about the word about what a great place the electrical industry is to work. Are you mentoring a program in your community? Let us know! ([email protected])

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