Member Spotlight

Corky & Paul Brommenschenkel—Ada Electric, Ada MN

Thank you for 50 years of membership!! 

On May 1, Ada Electric celebrated 50 years of membership with the Electrical Association! 

Ada Electric is a family-owned business that has been serving the community of Ada, MN and the surrounding areas. 

Ada Electric was founded by Paul’s father, Cornelius “Corky” Brommenschenkel back in 1972. Paul knew he wanted to have a career like his dad where he could work with his hands and not have to wear a suit and tie every day. After getting his Bachelor’s degree in management from the University of North Dakota, Paul joined his dad working full time at Ada Electric in 1992. In 2009, Cornelius retired and Paul had a purchase agreement to takeover his father’s business. 

Paul has had a lot of success over the years. One of his biggest achievements has been decades in the making. Ada Electric has maintained a contract with American Crystal Sugar Company for over 30 years. Very impressive! 

There are a couple challenges that Paul sees that can make it difficult for those just starting out in the industry. The lack of labor force can make it difficult for companies to find qualified/skilled workers to add to their team. When starting your own business, you might have a smaller team on staff, which can lead to having higher healthcare costs. This can be hard financially when you are just starting out. 
Being a one-man business can be tough at times, but Paul is up for the challenge. As long as Paul’s body can handle the work, he will do any job. Paul enjoys being busy with skilled labor. Understanding the customers' needs and fulfilling their requests is very rewarding to Paul. 

Having an Electrical Association membership was not unfamiliar to Paul. His dad was a member of the association for years. Paul had seen first hand the benefits of being a member of the association which made it an easy decision to keep Ada Electric’s membership when he took over the company. Being a member has let Paul gain contacts in the industry that have been very helpful. The newsletter has kept him aware of the issues impacting the electrical industry. 
Paul has plenty of activities to keep him busy all year round when he is not on the job site. In the winter you can find Paul snowmobiling. When it’s nicer out, Paul enjoys hunting or spending time on the lake fishing. 

We are honored to have had Corky and Paul as members of the Electrical Association for the past 50 years. Thank you! 

Contact Ada Electric: (218) 784-7186