Find rebates available for projects that you are working on to quickly lower your bids!

Steps to take to find utility rebates for your customers:

1. Obtain generic information from the customer:
- Utility account numbers, copy of utility bill, meter numbers, or physical address; or
- Use the Public Utilities Commission utility boundary map

2. Contact the utility company in that area:

Center for Energy and Environment (CEE)
Cindy Kelly 612-244-2427, [email protected]

Beth Neiss, 888-812-6146, [email protected]

Dakota Electric
651-463-6243, [email protected]

Energy Insight

Franklin Energy
800-598-4376, [email protected]

Great River Energy

Otter Tail Power Company (MN, ND, and SD)
800-493-3299, [email protected]

Minnesota Valley Electric
952-492-2313, [email protected]

Minnkota Power (MN and ND)
701-795-4000, [email protected]

Missouri River Energy Services / Bright Energy Solutions (MN, ND, SD, IA)
800-678-4042, Contact Now 

Xcel Energy
1-855-839-8862, **

3. Use the utility company's website to find rebate information
OR DSIRE USA site for rebate information

Additional Helpful Links:  

Rebate programs are regulated by the MN State Energy Office, MN Dept of Commerce (More info)