• Certified Electricians are in demand!
  • It has never been a better time to join the electrical industry!
  • One of the best ways for a worker to acquire the experience
    and training to get established in a career!

Classes Start Sept 2020

Why Send Your Apprentices to the Electrical Association's Apprenticeship Program?

 Convenient and Affordable Training
  • Online
  • One night per week
  • If you miss a class, don't worry! Just watch the recording any time.

Contractor-Driven Curriculum Developed by Industry Experts
  • Tailored by electrical contractors to meet your needs
  • Employers can choose to be very involved or not as involved
  • Maximizes your foreman's time for on-the-job training

Recruitment & Retention
  • An investment in the future of your employees
  • Make your employees productive right away
  • Increase apprentices' job satisfaction and loyalty to you and your company

NEW! Extended Apprentice Training
  • Perfect for graduates of our 4-Year Apprentice Program            
  • Includes topics such as Motor Controllers: PLC, VFD, HMI; Solar Photovoltaic; MN State Licensing Exam Prep
  • Learn more & register!

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Meet Our Team of Expert Instructors

Year 1
Tim Zinniel

Year 1
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule
Year 1
Mike Miller

Year 1
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule
Year 2
Chad Kurdi
Year 2
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule

Year 2
Polly Friendshuh
Year 2
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule

Year 3
Jim Schoon

Year 3
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule

Year 4
Jeff Kunkel
Year 4
Course Requirements
& Lesson Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

*8000 hours of on the job training will need to be completed prior to sitting for the Minnesota Journeyman Exam.  There is an exception to this rule in Minnesota for 2 year approved trade school graduates who need 6000 hours after graduation.  MEA's apprenticeship classes do not qualify as trade school credit and do not reduce the 8000 hour requirement. 

*If you are taking the MEA apprentice course to meet requirements in additional states – please verify that this program meets their specific requirements

Demand for apprentice electricians is increasing!
The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the demand for qualified electricians will be critical in the next ten years. They expect more than 114,700 new electrician jobs to be created over this time period, which is a 20% increase! Based on their analysis of the growth of various industries and professions, this is a significantly higher growth rate as compared to other industries.

Earn as you learn as an Apprentice
The Electrical Association apprentice program offers a unique training program that allows students to earn a wage while you learn. This program is accompanied by on-the-job training along with the online electrical certification training.

Apprentices say they like the Electrical Association's (EA) online classes because...
 - No travel time means less money on gas and less time on the road.
 - More knowledge makes it easier to do things right and to work faster.

The four year apprentice training classes were designed by electricians and industry leaders to train electrical apprentices. Electrical apprentice training classes are designed to teach the theory and code that every electrician must know. After completing an apprenticeship program, the worker's journey-level status provides an additional benefit of nationwide mobility at journey-level scale.

Accepted by Minnesota for a minimum of 144 hours of related training for apprentices.

Your Competition is Training their Employees...Can You Afford Not To Train Yours?
 - Invest in the future of your business
 - Invest in training
 - Make your employees more productive right away
 - Increase job satisfaction
 - Learn new technology

What People are Saying...
"Employees enjoy learning at their own pace while using a structured, understandable curriculum."
- Kenny Javens, Javens Electric, Inc.

"It has vastly improved our ability to hire inexperienced people and train them to be skilled electricians."

–Tom Kopperud, Norman's Electric Service, Inc.

"This course helps us attract employees and improve their standard of living through good paying jobs and a sense of accomplishment."
–Jim Grant, Jim's Electric Company

The Electrical Association Online Apprentice Training is approved by the Federal Department of Labor for purposes of Related Technical Instruction, required by Registered Apprenticeship.  As such, it can be used in any Federal DOL State as Related Technical Instruction. White states indicated on this map are Federal Approval States:

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