The mission statement of our staff is to partner with our office friends, treating our teammates with respect and tolerance while working toward our common goals. We create an environment that is professional, fun, productive and creative to deliver quality products and services that will support and implement our customer/members' mission statement.

Qualifications of Electrical Association Employees

The Electrical Association believes that hiring qualified individuals to fill positions contributes to the overall success of the company.  Each employee is hired to make significant contributions to the Electrical Association.  In hiring the most qualified candidates for positions, job descriptions must include the requirements necessary in order to perform the functions of the job.

During the application process, any documentation required to prove requirements are met by candidate, must be presented to hiring manager.  If requirements are not met, candidate will not be considered for the position at hand. 

Executive Director

Clara Albert, CAE

  • Works with MEA Executive Board and Board of Directors to create and implement strategic plan, policies, and initiatives
  • Manages governance, related documents, and proper execution of all guidelines established
  • Oversees MEA staff, financial condition, programs, etc.
  • Senior Editor—MEA News
  • Staff liaison for MEA Executive Board, MEA Board, ETN Board, and the Education, By-laws, Finance, Strategic Planning, and Nominating Committees
Organization Chart - View the structure of the MEA Staff


Alex Hyatt - National Sales Manager

  • Services existing accounts and establishes new accounts with an emphasis on product service memberships, large corporate memberships, private training, out of state education sales and ETN products and services
  • Responsible for maintaining banking relationships, accurate financial reports, and a qualified financial team
  • Handles bookkeeping: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Management
  • Directs development of MEA product catalog

Jeff Keljik- Director of Education

  • Responsible for training that supports professional development
  • Manages MEA's team of professional trainers
  • Collaborates with industry experts and stake holders
  • Develops training partnerships with contractors, corporations, institutions, schools, and other valued industry partners


Jamie Quenzer - Program Manager (Education and Operations)

  • Logistics for the Education Department
  • Reporting of credits to regulatory agencies
  • Manage projects for integrating systems and improving processes
  • Manage the Apprentice Program (Registered and Unregistered)

Michelle Dreier- Member Engagement & Government Affairs Manager 

  • Works with Government Action Committee to represent the interests of MEA's members at the legislature and regulatory agencies 
  • Manages and budgets membership engagement, retention and recruitment
  • Evaluates MEA's products and services to ensure your business needs are met
  • Consultant for compliance and regulation issues

Kirsten Marcus - Business Coordinator
  • Management of MEA financial processes
  • Develops and monitors the Overhead budget
  • Handles registrations for all events
  • Order entry and payment reconciliation
  • Great customer service and problem solving

Kelly Kristo - Education Coordinator


  • Logistics for the Education Department
  • Reporting of credits to regulatory agencies
  • Manage the Apprentice Program (Registered and Unregistered

Katie Grams - Association Coordinator 
  • Membership Logistics
  • Committee Liaison
  • Meeting and Event Planning
  • Marketing and Sales Assistant
  • Sponsorship Coordination
  • General Office Duties