Education Department Mission Statement

The Electrical Association will educate electricians at all levels of the electrical industry from Apprentice to Master electricians, by providing rigorous curriculum and highly qualified instructors.  We will provide various curriculum delivery models to enable participants at all levels and diversity of students, to practice in the field in a competent and safe manner.  The Electrical Association's education department will provide curriculum and resources that enable students to achieve or maintain their electrical licensure.

Education Policies

Anti-discrimination policy statement

The Electrical Association and the education department shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, marital status, or military status in any of its activities with all  staff, all students,  or any volunteers and vendors. 

This information is provided on correspondence with students and is acknowledged in the contracts with instructors.

Proprietary Interest Policy

Prior to training, all instructors and employees of the Electrical Association must disclose any proprietary interest of products, devices and materials to participants. The Electrical Association has no financial obligations to any third party vendors to promote products and materials to students, members and non-members.

If Proprietary Interest Policy is violated by Electrical Association employees or instructors, the Director of Education will issue a warning and/or possible termination.

Unless stated otherwise, Electrical Association Staff and Instructors who are involved in the design, development and delivery of our courses do not have any proprietary interest in products, instruments, devices or materials that may be included in the course. 

Copyright Policy

Electrical Association employees and contracted writers produce written and visual material for use in training electrical personnel. The material is written “for hire” and as such is covered under the copyright laws, and Electrical Association holds the rights. As required by copyright laws, Electrical Association requests permission from third-party copyright holders of images used in all curriculum materials and maintains a log of those images with their sources.   The Association will not knowingly use copyrighted material in the production of the training materials without the specific consent of the copyright holder. Any material that is shown to have copyright (without permission) will be immediately removed from all material.

Review Course Content for Quality, Currency, Effectiveness and Applicability

Courses taught by the Electrical Association undergo review to ensure material being developed is current, effective, applicable and of quality material.  Many courses are written by the Director of Education and others are written by the other instructors for the organization as well as specialists in the subject matter.  If a contracted trainer develops the course, the Director of Education must review to ensure it meets the standards set forth by the Association’s Education Department.  Once the course is approved by the Director of Education, the Publications and Communications Specialist proofreads the materials for grammatical errors and ensures copyright policies have been followed.  All courses are published on the Association’s SharePoint site so there is easy access for other instructors to view the curriculum being developed and offer feedback.      

The course material is then compiled by the Administrative Personnel on staff and sent to the appropriate states to receive approval of the content for Continuing Education Units (CEU) in that particular state.  The State Regulatory Agency’s industry experts will be reviewing the content to ensure it meets their need for awarding CEU’s for any learner who would take our course.

During the event, participants have the opportunity to evaluate the course with regard to the quality, currency, effectiveness and applicability of the content.