9 Reasons NOT to Join the Electrical Association

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or just embarking on a career in the electrical industry, you might think joining the Electrical Association is a surefire way to help you on your way, but hold on! A membership with us isn’t for everyone. Let’s unveil the top nine reasons why you might want to steer clear of the Electrical Association!

1.  You don’t want to save money on your required education.  

Whether you’re looking to start working as an electrical apprentice or you’re a seasoned electrical contractor, industry-specific education is required to acquire and maintain licensure. That means you’re going to have to make a financial investment in career education every single year.

But at the Electrical Association, we offer a significant discount on all classes, both online and in-person, including our 4-year electrical apprentice training program and our continuing education courses for electricians.

2.  You enjoy overspending on healthcare. 

The EA offers our Electrical Contractor Health Care Plan for Electrical Contractor members and their employees that includes vision, dental, and AD&D insurance. This health care plan saves our members thousands of dollars each year. In fact, when compared to their old health insurance, our members have seen their premiums drop anywhere from 8% to 15%.

3.  You’re fine with being out of the loop. 

We know our contractors don’t have time to attend that Board of Electricity meeting or committee hearing — that’s why our staff attend these events and report on them in our monthly e-newsletter and quarterly magazine. With these publications, our members stay abreast of the latest industry news with articles that cover code changes, legislative information, business advice from industry experts, technology, and other critical industry-specific information you won’t find anywhere else.

4.  You don’t want any career development or help finding employees. 

EA members directly benefit from the wealth of career and workforce information on the Electrical Association's website. This includes a calendar of career events like mock interviews and career fairs, as well as a resume center for both job seekers and members who are looking to hire. When you join the Electrical Association, you’ll have access to hundreds of talented people who are ready to work.

5.  You like being less visible to potential customers. 

When consumers come to us for referrals, our website provides them open access to our Membership Directory where they can find a list of local contractors — EA members only — to call for their next project. This gives our members a competitive edge over other contractors in the area.

6.  You’re unconcerned with safety. 

Electrical Association members enjoy access to our robust safety offerings, including 70E training, our Electrical Toolbox Talks, our Safety AWAIR Program, and more!

7.  You’re uninterested in building a retirement fund. 

Not only do we offer a multiple employer 401K retirement plan at a highly competitive price point, but the Electrical Association also handles all compliance-related issues so our members don’t have to.

With our 401K, members can put away up to $60,000, tax free, while also contributing to their employees 401k. This makes it easy for our electrical contractors to boost their bottom line and makes them a more desirable employer to their workforce.

8.  You wouldn’t like to get paid more quickly. 

Our “Project to Payment” affiliate program that allows our contractors to estimate their invoices and collect credit card payments right there on the jobsite. This software was built specifically for residential, small-to-medium-sized contractors; the company that created it interviewed 5 of our own members to make sure their pain points were met and solved.

9.  You don’t need anyone in your corner.

At the EA, we have staff who work directly with the government to make sure our electrical contractors’ interests are being put first. 

In 2019, we directly affected contract law by requiring retainage to be paid out by a certain date so invoices could no longer be stalled indefinitely. In 2023, we eliminated “Duty to Defend”, making it illegal for general contractors to require subcontractors to pay their attorney's fees. We also successfully advocated for and doubled the nonprofit YouthBuild’s budget from $1 million to $2 million.

When you join the Electrical Association, you can feel good knowing that your membership fees are returning directly to you in the form of the continuous betterment of your industry and community.


Still Want to Join the Electrical Association? Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

For over 90 years, the Electrical Association has empowered electrical contractors and their teams through tailored education, effective government advocacy, and opportunities to connect with peers. We are the conduit that connects members with everything they need to stay current, compliant, and successful.

So, if you’re ready to give your business the boost it needs, or to get a jumpstart on your budding electrical career, become a member of the Electrical Association today. We look forward to being your partner in success!