You're a New Apprentice—Welcome to the Electrical Industry!

Follow the steps below to stay compliant and to give yourself the best chance to succeed!

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(STEP 1)  REGISTER / On-the-job training!

After you are hired to be an apprentice by an electrical contractor, the first thing you should do is register yourself as a Registered Unlicensed Electrician  Learn more

You must complete 8000 hours of on-the-job training as a registered unlicensed electrician (2000 hours/yr maximum) and meet all other requirements set by the State before you are eligible to sit for the Journeyworker Exam. Electrical apprentices who are graduates of a technical college may be able to apply for up to 2000 hours of credit towards their 8000 hours of experience. List of technical schools

Warning! If you are not registered, none of your hours will be eligible for use towards your journeyworker electrician status.

(STEP 2)  ENROLL in Apprenticeship Training!

Consider enrolling in an apprenticeship training course. Minnesota does not require apprentice electricians to attend training; however, it can greatly increase your knowledge and skills that you can apply on the job and eventually use it to pass the journeyworker exam.

The Electrical Association’s 4-year Apprentice Training Program is an online class that runs between September and May for three hours, one night/week. Learn more

(STEP 2b)  Registered Apprenticeship

This is where it gets confusing. If you are in a Registered Apprenticeship Program (not to be confused with the registered unlicensed electrician classification), then you must take classes through an approved provider of Related Technical Instruction. The Electrical Association’s Apprentice Training Program is approved in Minnesota for Related Technical Instruction.

(STEP 3)  COMPLY with Continuing Education Requirements

All Minnesota Registered Unlicensed Electricians need 2 credits of continuing education every year to maintain their registration.

The Electrical Association offers continuing education code credits for electricians. View the class schedule.

This registration must be renewed every year with the MN DLI. Renewal Form.pdf

(STEP 4)  PASS Your Journeyworker Licensing Exam

Once you have logged 8000 hours of on-the-job training as an apprentice electrician in Minnesota and have applied for the test with verified experience, you are able to register and sit for the MN journeyworker exam. Learn more about the exam (MN Dept of Labor)

Advance your career! Benefits of progressing to a Minnesota journeyworker typically include increased pay, supervision of others on your team and larger responsibilities on the job site, making you a valuable employee in the company.

Exam Prep Opportunities
Need some help prior to the big day? The Electrical Association has Exam Prep courses to help you succeed.

Prepare for the exam using one or more of these helpful options:
Exam Prep Pre-Test
Classroom Prep Class
Self-Paced Online Exam Prep Class
*Please note, this information and the links provided pertain to Minnesota electricians. Many of the offerings and services through the Electrical Association are approved and meet the requirements of additional state electricians as well. You will want to check with the state(s) in which you are licensed for all current information on their requirements to comply.

If you have any questions about this process, please call us (612-827-6117) or send an email to [email protected].