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REGISTER NOW12/14/2023Online Webinar2 CE2023 NEC Motors and Transformers08:00 AM10:00 AMTim ZinnielCO231214A
REGISTER NOW1/17/2024Online Webinar2CEOvercurrent Protection Unlicensed Personnel06:30 PM08:30 PMTim ZinnielCO240117
REGISTER NOW2/21/2024Online Webinar2CEGrounding and Bonding Unlicensed Personnel08:00 AM10:00 AMTim ZinnielCO240221
REGISTER NOW3/13/2024Online Webinar2CEMotors and Transformers06:30 PM08:30 PMJeff KunkelCO240313
REGISTER NOW4/17/2024Online Webinar2CEMotors, Control and GFCI08:00 AM10:00 AMChad KurdiCO240417
REGISTER NOW6/12/2024Online Webinar2CEOvercurrent Protection Unlicensed Personnel08:00 AM10:00 AMTim ZinnielCO240612
REGISTER NOW9/11/2024Online Webinar2CEBranch Circuit, Feeder, Service Calcs06:30 PM08:30 PMJeff KunkelCO240911
REGISTER NOW10/23/2024Online Webinar2CEGrounding and Bonding Unlicensed Personnel06:30 PM08:30 PMTim ZinnielCO241023
REGISTER NOW11/6/2024Online Webinar2CEMotors and Transformers08:00 AM10:00 AMTim ZinnielCO241106
REGISTER NOW12/4/2024Online Webinar2CEMotors, Control and GFCI06:30 PM08:30 PMJeff KunkelCO241204
REGISTER NOW12/18/2024Online Webinar2CEOvercurrent Protection Unlicensed Personnel08:00 AM10:00 AMTim ZinnielCO241218

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We offer continuing education for electricians. Our electrical classes will help you get credits towards license renewals for Master, Journeyworkers, Power Limited Technicians & Maintenance Electricians.

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