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NEC 2023 Code Book

NEC Code Book--The History Behind It and How You Can Get Involved in Creating Code

Learn about the history of the electrical code and how you can be involved in the code-making process for the next edition of the NEC Code Book.

Gen Z in the Trades

Gen Z is Choosing the Trades

Trade school enrollment jumped 16% in 2023 as Gen Z is choosing the trades over four-year education, and many factors are influencing their decision.

Health Care Plan

Health Spark: Amp Up Your Health Insurance With This High-Voltage Option!

Health Spark pre-tax health insurance plans offer electrical employers and employees substantial savings and many benefits.

Veterans for Hire

Veterans for Hire and Upcoming Career Fairs

Did you know that the Electrical Association is out in the field recruiting for your next electrician? Take a moment to learn why hiring a veteran might be in your best interest. AND join us in June at the Camp Ripley Career Fair.

Attract and Retain Electricians

How to Attract and Retain Electricians

The competition to attract and retain electricians is fierce — here are a number of ways to make your company more attractive to the next generation of electricians.

Electrical Remote Virtual Inspections

A Guide to Electrical Remote Virtual Inspections in Minnesota

In the ever-evolving world of technology, even electrical inspections have embraced the digital era. Minnesota-licensed electrical contractors can now benefit from Electrical Remote Virtual Inspections (ERVI) to streamline the inspection process.

Join the Electrical Association

9 Reasons NOT to Join The Electrical Association

Thinking of becoming an EA member? Here’s why you might want to think twice before joining -– or not!

Electrical Apprentice Training

Looking for an Electrical Apprentice Training Program? Start Here

At EA, we offer a 4-year apprenticeship program, continuing education courses for electricians, and an online, self-paced coursework option for 20% off.

Electrical Apprenticeship

How to be Compliant as an Electrical Apprentice in MN

Looking to jumpstart your career in the electrical trade? Follow these simple steps to start working as an electrician apprentice!

Tax Season

How to Have a Proactive Tax Planning Strategy

Whether this most recent tax season left Minnesota business owners feeling good or dreading the thought of what will happen next year, there’s good news.
Smith Schafer

Industry News

Reduce Jobsite Labor Costs with Pro Logistic Services

Electrical contractors are often called upon to complete increasingly complex lighting projects - on time and on budget.
Submitted by Viking Electric


Bonus Rebates for Select LED Products


Submitted by CEE, Center for Energy & Environment

Industry News

How a Single Policy Can Benefit Your Business in 3 Ways

Losing quality employees is a business risk that can be managed. In fact, a single business-owned life insurance policy can form the core of a plan to retain your most prized assets: your people.
by Jeff Kunkel, EA Chair


Prohibition on Pay History Inquiries

The Minnesota Human Rights Act has been updated to include a new provision that prohibits employers from inquiring into, considering, or requiring disclosure for a job applicant’s pay history, effective January 1, 2024. For employment covered by coll
Submitted by Martin Kappenman